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Suspended - Self portrait

I do self portraits every month as a little challenge I made up for myself. It is really fun to paint my own face and see where inspiration and my moods will take me each month.

This one is from September 2019 and it was painted at the time when I was in a very weird mental state due to things that I was dealing with IRL. While I didn't set the goal to paint myself in any way, I did end up including some creepy and somewhat unsettling elements, such as the caterpillars, the confusing gravity or lighting choice that emphasizes the skull beneath the flesh. All of that has contributed to a somewhat depressive mood. The feeling that i really wanted to capture was the feeling that the world wasn't working properly, if that makes sense.

To this day I'm very happy with this self portrait and I wish It didn't take me so long to actually post it!

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